Bridging the Gap Campaign

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Today is an exciting day with the launch of an unprecedented campaign, “Bridging the Gap,” where 100 Millennial and 100 Midlife Influencers are coming together to blur the boundaries as we believe we are stronger together. We are putting an end to the labels and divisions that no longer serve us, as age is simply a number, while it’s your attitude and way of looking at life that truly matters. We are women supporting women, along with a few brave men joining in the celebration. We are coming together to send a powerful message that we choose to be seen for who we are rather than be defined by our ages. We believe in a world without separation. We believe that we are far stronger together. Please join us in this revolutionary campaign, as it’s the hearts and souls of the women that truly matter in the end. 

Now, I have to admit that I joined this campaign thinking it was a great concept but in the corner of my mind I was thought what could we possibly have in common? I was partnered with the lovely Cindy Scurry, a 55-year-old, fashion blogger. She currently resides in Colorado with her husband and has lived there pushing four years. Cindy has worked in Human Resources for 24 years but has also worked as a clothing store manager and a nanny. After getting to know each other, I learned that we actually have a few things in common. We both were born in Orlando, Florida and her husband is from Jacksonville, Florida, which is where I was raised. We both know what it’s like to grow up with a lot of siblings. She’s the middle child of four sisters and I’m the oldest of nine. Cindy had one child, Brian, who passed away ten years ago at the age of 22 in a motorcycle accident. I could hear how much she loved her son and misses him but he still lives in her heart. Through marriage, she gained three sons from her husband’s previous marriage. I interviewed Cindy during our chat about her blog? Personal style and being over 50 today. Check out what she had to say…….

What inspired you to create your blog?

I was inspired by a few bloggers that showed what they wore that week.  Cupcakes and Cashmere and The Pleated Poppy to be specific.  I thought about it for about a year before actually doing it!  Then I just jumped in!  I’m having fun mixing fashion and pictures of other beautiful things I see/experience throughout the week.  Colorado is so beautiful, so it’s fun to share the beauty here, and my sweet dog (is there anything cuter?).  Between my blog with the fashion recap, IG and FB, I’m posting my outfits every day and that gives me inspiration.  My hope is to inspire others, especially those over 40/50 that are struggling with what to wear.    

How would u describe your personal style?

Casual, comfortable and easy.  I’m most comfortable in jeans and a tee…and heels. I do love how heels make me feel and look.  I also like a 3rd piece to my jeans and tee – like a blazer, kimono, bomber, etc.  Currently, I’m really into combat boots with jeans and dresses.  And…if messy hair is a style, then that’s me!  I’m a fan of the windblown look.  I like the look of not trying too hard with hair, makeup or outfits, or anything really. My style goes all the way to my vehicle…I drive a Jeep Wrangler and that fits me perfectly – tough, casual, fun! 

What is your philosophy on getting older?

I’m loving it!  I feel I keep getting better.  I’m comfortable, confident, and much more forgiving of myself because I’m actually loving myself now.  It is a journey!  Hard times have made me appreciate my personality, which is almost always happy.  It’s funny, I feel like I’m 30!  I feel good.  I’m having fun in life and love!  I really couldn’t ask for anything more!  One thing I don’t do is “dress according to your age”.  I wear what I love and what I feel looks good on me.  I like trying trends, but not all of them for sure.  I like wearing my hair long – even though my mom said I needed to get it cut when I turned 40.  My advice is…do you!!  Don’t compare yourself to others. 

It’s kind of funny to me that I was paired with a fashion blogger because I’m not really a fashion-forward person. I keep it simple. Cindy genuinely loves fashion! The first time we spoke on the phone she was actually in the middle of shopping. Honestly, I dread shopping and trying on clothes. Both of our go-to everyday looks is a good old pair of jeans and t-shirt but Cindy will select heels over a nice pair of sneakers. Cindy’s website is fairly new and she’s still figuring things out. We’ve agreed to help each other out. I’ll help her with how to set up features on her website and give tips on how to use social media. In return, she’ll help me figure out what to wear when I have no clue (this happens often) but have an event to attend.


Check out Cindy’s website and follow her on Instagram at @Cindyscurry. Check out the Bridging the Gap campaign and read more stories over at



  • Dominique October 17, 2017 - 2:08 PM Reply

    Great article and Cindy is fly!! Can’t wait to see the final product of the website.

  • Catherine October 24, 2017 - 7:04 PM Reply

    I’m so glad that you found some commonalities with Cindy, Kimberly! However, the fact that the two of you are so different and, therefore, able to help each other in different ways is what Bridging the Gap is all about. Thank you for being a part of the movement!

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